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Word says that before departing towards his last reincarnation, Buda decided to form a zodiac and gathered all animals in Nature promising them a sign of the zodiac according to the order of their arrival. Only twelve answered his call: a Rat, a Tiger, a Rabbit, a Dragon, a Snake, a Horse, a Goat, a Monkey, a Rooster, a Dog and a Pig. The Chinese Horoscope is made of these twelve animals, ruled by the five vital elements in chinese philosophy: fire, wood, water, earth, air and metal. They are also ruled by the cardinal points, the four seasons and the months of the year.

The space used on a real scale approaches this relationship towards a more tangible and conscious plane of everyday life. It represents one of the twelve quarters inside a circular space, showing one of twelve animals in the chinese zodiac: the Snake. The character portrayed in the photographic image represents this animal. This image is accompanied by the snake's hissing and the sound of the water, an element with a direct influence on this character.

The real instalation is made up of twelve spaces in which the animals are distributed in a circular way, each one having their own features and the influence of natural elements, months cardinal points and seasons, as the chinese see them.

Each quarter would represent an animal with its predominant element, with the background of a main image of a character representing each sign. On each side of the image, which would be in the center of the quarter, are the twelve signs written in chinese idiograms. According to the chinese, all signs are interrelated and each one of them somehow influence the life of the people under each sign.

Each quarter has its own hearing sense: the characteristic sounds of the animal representing the sign along with the predominant elements of each sign.

The quarters are placed around a  main circle, which gives us a global vision of the chinese horoscope. Each quarter is oriented towards the cardinal point that directly influences it, along with the sign's predominant element, be it fire, water, wood, metal or air.

Inside the circle that links all entrances we feel every animal and every predominant element and this gives us the possibility to see a specific animal with all the sounds generated by the animals and elements in the other quarters. Thus we feel that the whole chinese zodiac (not only animals, elements, cardinal points, seasons, months, the date and hour of birth) is related to each one of us, establishing our pattern of life and personality.

Lima, July 2000.